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Programs > Information Systems (Doctorate)
Doctorate in Information Systems
A Doctor of Business Administration will position you to assume the highest managerial and leadership roles in the business world.
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You will develop your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills by examining the advanced details of a number of business disciplines. The focus of your studies will include behavior/relationships, implementing the latest information technology, developing and maintaining a global outlook, research and data analysis methodology, how to think progressively, and more. The goal is to develop you into a leader who has a broad yet detailed understanding of the business world, can identify problems and opportunities, and is able to work with and motivate others in designing and implementing strategies for company optimization. Strong teamwork and leadership skills are developed and honed through these studies. Possible specializations include management science, technology management, organizational behavior, accounting, economics, or finance.

By completion of this program, you will have undertaken and finished an exercise in education and research that will mold you into an elite class of businessman or businesswoman. Your knowledge, interpersonal skills, and business acumen will all be sharpened to a degree achieved by few.

This major will prepare you for:

A doctorate in business administration generally opens the door to the highest managerial and executive roles in a variety of businesses and organizations. You will be poised to lead companies and their employees in the optimal direction through your analysis of a wide array of information and through your interaction with other professionals. Research and teaching opportunities are also available at colleges and universities.

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