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Programs > Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting (Associate)
Associate in Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting
An associate's in computer-aided design and architectural drafting will provide you with a well-rounded introduction into the field of architectural planning and design.
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 A strong focus will be placed on using advanced computer programs to develop and render your creative ideas. You will learn how to examine the customer's needs and develop building designs tailored to their needs. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) will received marked attention for both the commercial and residential arenas. Details of construction documents and drafting will also be studied. Some business disciplines such as marketing and communications will receive attention as well. All of these skills will then be put to use via all-encompassing projects.

This major will afford you a strong introductory knowledge base of the various theories, practices, and computer elements surrounding architectural design. You will have developed the ability to assess a building situation and problem-solve to produce the best solution for that situation.

This major will prepare you for:

An associate's in computer-aided design and architectural drafting will offer you the opportunity to break into the architectural design industry. Entry-level jobs become available in the areas of:

− Architectural drafting
− Computer aided design (CAD) drafting
− Structural drafting

Further educational opportunities are also available. You could pursue a bachelor's and even a master's in one of the specific areas in the architectural design industry, or get a Ph.D. and teach at the collegiate level or conduct research.

Schools That Offer Associate in Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting
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