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Programs > Finance (Master)
Master in Finance
A Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance offers students the perfect opportunity to further their careers while refining their decision-making and management skills.
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Students will study how to function effectively within a diversity of organizations. The classes are structured to provide students with daily opportunities to assess problems, evaluate options, and efficiently carry out their solution. Students learn how to think creatively and properly communicate throughout these problem-solving exercises.

The MBA in Finance helps students learn how to analyze financial information in order to make decisions that can enhance the prospects for successful business initiatives. This degree program is designed to help prepare students with the knowledge and credentials they can use to pursue a variety of positions within the field of finance, including Financial Managers, Directors of Finance, CFO’s, Corporate Finance Associates, and Public Finance Associates.

This major will prepare you for:

An MBA in Finance provides the necessary decision-making and communication skills sought after by companies across the globe. Students who graduate with an MBA find themselves working in great variety of organizations. These students can expect to become a prized piece of their organization or company as they will acquire the management skills that will land them in positions previously unobtainable. With this degree, students will find doors opening that they only could dream of before.

Schools That Offer Master in Finance
American InterContinental University (AIU) was founded in Europe in 1970 on the premise that universities should transcend the bounds of the traditional, theory-based approach to education by providing students with a curriculum that can help prepare them to pursue their professional interests in today's globalized, cutting-edge industries.
Colorado Technical University
Since 1965 Colorado Technical University has been proud to educate career focused students to advance their education and help achieve their goals. CTU's commitment to provide innovative, real-world learning to students within Colorado, the military, across the U.S. and overseas has never wavered.
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