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Associate in Communication
An Associates degree in Business opens the door to the business world.
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Your coursework will touch on general liberal arts topics such as literature, mathematics, and social sciences, but the majority will focus on establishing a foundation for you in business.


You will study the basics of accounting and finance, which together are essentially the language of business. Other business disciplines that will be addressed include marketing fundamentals, business law, and management essentials. Progressive business issues such as global outlook and utilization of the latest technology also receive attention. Throughout the coursework you will practice and hone your communications skills, both written and oral, so that you can become a dynamic and effective communicator.

Thi s degree will provide you with a foundational understanding of how businesses function and how to present yourself professionally in the business world. You will not delve into intricate and in-depth facets of business disciplines, but you will be offered an introduction into a wide range of business courses.

This major will prepare you for:

An associate's of arts in business can be the first step in launching your career in the business world. Entry-level jobs become available for you in the following areas: accounting, management, human resources, customer service, sales, and administrative assisting.

A number of opportunities to further your education are also available. The first step would be to continue your education and pursue a bachelor's in a number of business majors. Doing so will afford you more in-depth knowledge of the business world and allow you to further specialize in a given business emphasis.

Schools That Offer Associate in Communication
Liberty University
Get a world-class education with the solid Christian foundation you're looking for at Liberty University. Here, you'll gain the values, knowledge, and skills you'll need for success in every aspect of life.
University of San Francisco
The University of San Francisco — a premier Jesuit university — is a reflection of the inclusive, inspirational, innovative city that surrounds it. We provide students from all backgrounds an education that is intensely personal and intellectually demanding.
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