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Programs > Business Systems Analysis (Doctorate)
Doctorate in Business Systems Analysis
A Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership/Information Systems and Technology provides an advanced in understanding of how information systems are utilized within organizations locally and across the world.
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Specific studies include the areas of the development and improvement of information systems, management of information systems on a variety of levels, and the relationship of information technology to principles of leadership and teamwork. The goal is to develop your ability to analyze an organization and then design effective strategies for appropriately implementing information technology for the betterment of the organization. Analytical, critical, and creative thinking will be involved as you look to problem-solve on a large-scale basis. Your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills will also receive considerable attention, as will your ability to plan and implement change. Added sensitivity to ethics and values will be cultivated as well.

Upon completion of this program you will possess a foundational working knowledge of the way that information systems and similar technologies can be effectively used by organizations to maximize efficiency and productivity. You will have cultivated further experience in working alongside others to develop strategies for specific ways that such technology can be utilized in the organization.

This major will prepare you for:

The degree of Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership/Information Systems and Technology makes you more marketable for upper level management positions in almost any organization. Your other areas of expertise will factor in as well, however. Research and teaching opportunities are also available at colleges and universities.

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