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Programs > Business Systems Analysis (Associate)
Associate in Business Systems Analysis
An Associate of Arts (AA) in Information Technology (IT) not only allows the student to complete their general study requirements, but also offers the student lower division courses that will prepare them to enter the world of IT.
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Students can expect to take courses dealing with programming, business ethics, information systems, technology, and web page design. These classes will prepare the student to enter the IT industry in an entry-level position once the requirements for their AA have been completed.

Like most AA degrees, perhaps the most beneficial aspect it offers is the background it gives the student for future studies. With an AA in Information Technologies, students will be well prepared to continue their education with a bachelor in a similar area and beyond.

This major will prepare you for:

With an AA in Information Technology most students will have sufficient schooling for an entry-level position working on a variety of IT and systems programming issues for many companies. Like almost all other AA degrees, the student will be even better suited to enter the workforce with a bachelor degree or higher. The AA in Information Technology lays the groundwork that will make a bachelor degree in a similar field much easier for the student to accomplish. By the end of their AA students should expect to understand the basics of computer networking, web design, business administration, and systems programming.

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