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Programs > Elementary Education (Doctorate)
Doctorate in Elementary Education
A Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership will help to mold you into a strong and knowledgeable leader in the educational field.
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You will learn how to better work with other employees and professionals to discuss the educational system, identify problems and weaknesses, develop strategies to address these issues, and work on a course of implementation of those strategies. Your knowledge level and experience will be increased by large amounts of research in the education industry. You will then use this research to design methods of improvement for the educational system. Analytical, critical, and creative thinking will be involved as you look to problem-solve on a large-scale basis. Your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills will also receive considerable attention, as will your ability to plan and implement change. Greater sensitivity to ethics and values will be cultivated as well.

By completion of the coursework you be considered an authority figure in the education industry. Your knowledge and experience will have been broadened and increased through research and case studies, and your intellect will have been duly challenged by way of rigorous in-depth study.

Other emphases offered include: Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership/Curriculum and Instruction, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership/Educational Technology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration.

This major will prepare you for:

The degree of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership will enable you to be a leading education practitioner in almost any educational organization, including schools, colleges, universities, educational research organizations, etc. Research and teaching opportunities are also available at colleges and universities.

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