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Master in Elementary Education
The Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Education is a graduate degree program preparing candidates for teacher licensure.
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The core of this program is to provide the student with skills and knowledge that will enable them to become an effective educator and instructor. This program will focus on elementary education.

Course work will include: handling diverse teaching situations, learning effective ways to integrate students with disabilities into general learning environments and understanding how to construct age appropriate assignments. Students will also be taught how to design learning opportunities based on the latest theories of learning and motivation and improve learning outcomes with students who have various disabilities. Each student will go through student teaching, a vital part of the learning process. This gives students real life experience at the age appropriate level. The student teaching experience is a tool used to give students the opportunity to work side by side other teachers preparing them to assume the responsibilities of a certified classroom teacher. Throughout the program students will be required to complete an assortment of developmental skills. Students will be required to complete a number of hours of field experience directly related to course content.

This major will prepare you for:

The goal of this degree program is to help ambitious men and women become better educators and take a teaching career to new heights. You will find yourself enjoying your career more as you are able to teach your students more effectively. The skills and knowledge that you will gain can help you streamline your teaching so that you can be efficient with you and your student’s time. Lastly, you will be fully capable of writing competent curriculums at many different levels.

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