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Programs > Communications (Associate)
Associate in Communications
An Associates degree in Arts in Communication allows students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to enter the growing field of visual and digital communications.
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This education field will offer students a hands-on look into the communications process and how information is processed and sent to the viewer. Upon entering this program, students can expect to assess the role of media in democratic and free press societies as well as media culpability.

Throughout your education the student will learn the successful and concise exchange of information across the globe; as well as mastering the art of effective public speaking, news presentation, broadcast journalism and mass and small group communications. Students will leave this program with a stronger ability to problem solve and communicate ideas with a diverse audience.

This major will prepare you for:

An AA in Arts in Communications will equip the students with the necessary skills to become an active player in the diverse and always developing field of television and digital media. Students can expect to leave the program with a skill set that includes broadcast journalism, effective public speaking, and news presentation. These skill sets will be profitable for those looking to further their education towards becoming news broadcasters, and television or print reporters.

Schools That Offer Associate in Communications
University of San Francisco
The University of San Francisco — a premier Jesuit university — is a reflection of the inclusive, inspirational, innovative city that surrounds it. We provide students from all backgrounds an education that is intensely personal and intellectually demanding.
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